Children's Mindfulness
& Relaxation

Classes for all ages by
Relax Kids Coach based in Oakville



Little Stars

Pre-schoolers (3-5yrs) and parents

Magical Adventures


Chills Skills

Tweens and Teens (11-16yrs)

Just Relax

Adults (18+)

Relax Kids Workshops

Mental Health Week Workshop
Anti-Bullying Week Workshop
Be Brilliant / Be a Star Workshops
with Mindful Arts & Crafts

After-School & Holidays

Relax Kids courses work after-school and holiday clubs

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Unlock Your Inner Calm

Relax Kids is one of the leading experts in child relaxation training, classes and resources.Relax Kids classes aim to help children become resilient and give them tools and techniques to manage their emotional, and mental health.

Relax Kids classes follow a 7-step system which take children from a high energy to a low energy and encourage them to relax while developing their creativity and imagination. Classes include dance and movement, drama based games and mindfulness and relaxation games, stretching and breathing exercises, peer massage, affirmations and visualisations.

Sessions support children’s mental and emotional well-being and give them tools to manage stress and be more resilient, calm and confident. Relax Kids classes follow a new theme every 6 weeks, taking children on magical new adventures each from pirates to outer space to wizards.

Relax Kids also offers courses teenagers (Chill Skills) and adults (Just Relax).

Relax Kids workshops I offer at nurseries, schools, community centers and educational institutions include:

  • Relax Kids After School Classes

  • Relax Kids School Holiday Classes

  • Mindfulness & Relaxation for Educators

  • Mindfulness & Relaxation for Parents

  • Mindfulness & Relaxation for Children

  • Mental Health Week Workshops

  • Anti - Bullying Week Workshops

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