Baby Massage
& Pregnancy Relaxation

by Blossom & Berry Baby Massage & Yoga Instructor based in Oakville


My Calm Circle Baby Massage Classes

Little Buds Baby Massage

(6/8 weeks-5 months)

Little Buds Baby Massage course runs for 4 weeks, with each session lasting about 60 minutes. Oils and class materials are provided.

Many studies support the use of baby massage and have concluded that touch and skin contact is vital to baby’s development. They show that babies who are massaged sleep for longer periods, have increased appetite and are less tense. Parents who use baby massage also show less signs of stress and sessions can be useful in helping support parents with post-natal depression.

‘Little Berries’ Learn, Stretch & Play Course:  Massage, Yoga. Music  & Sensory Play

(6 months-12 months)

Little Berries Learn, Stretch & Play course runs for 4 weeks, with each session lasting about 45 minutes. These are short and stimulating classes for older babies and toddlers. Oils and classroom materials are provided.

Toddlers love massage, music and yoga! Little Berries Learn, Stretch & Play classes are suitable for older babies using elements of massage, touch, stretching, songs and sensory play.

Baby Confidence & Pregnancy relaxation


The course runs on a 4 weekly cycle with each session lasting 45-60minutes.

This unique course designed for mums-to-be covers a five minute baby massage routine suitable for newborns, advice and techniques to help with wind, colic and unsettled babies, pregnancy relaxation plus general information on calming and connecting with baby.

The course focuses on the importance of responsive parenting to help enable strong and positive bonds and attachment. The course enables discussion and sharing of ideas on the importance of relaxation in pregnancy and adjusting to parenthood.

This course is unique and brings together many disciplines which help to empower parents and promotes the idea of responsive parenting, positive communication and secure attachment. It also helps parents to be make connections and networks with others in a supportive and friendly environment. Additionally, it equips parents with mindfulness and relaxation techniques to stay calm and relaxed during and after pregnancy.

The course is 'not' a birth preparation course or ante natal course, rather its focus is on building parental confidence in adjusting to a new role & meeting their babies’ needs and have time to embrace a positive mindset and relax.

Love Creates Love

Monthly Meet-Up Group

“Love Creates Love’’ is a monthly meet up designed to give parents some well deserved TLC and to connect with other parents and babies in the area. Come and chill out, meet some new people, share how things are going for you and learn about enhancing the bond with your baby through love.

Through Blossom & Berry’s Love Creates Love groups we can share love and connection and create a sense of belonging which is invaluable. It helps to support and nurture parents in the first year of life to be as happy and relaxed as possible. This positivity and energy may flow into their relationships with their children and give the whole family the best start together. Babies learn from their parents so the more relaxed and positive parents feel, the more babies understand the world to be this way.

The message is “Be Love”. Be an example in your thoughts, words and action. Choose love everyday. Take the loving option in all you do and bring love into the world.

Love yourself, love your baby, love your community.

All parents and babies under one welcome (come along if you are pregnant too). All totally free and brought to you with tea, cake and love.